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Joe Wolosz co-founded The Passport Group in 2003. His 17+ years of experience in national hospitality brokerage affords him the in-depth understanding of the intricacies of hotel operations, valuations, financing, and franchise ownership.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Leaving the Hotel Franchise System

  Roadmap for Hotel Management Owners Leaving the Franchise System Getting started in hotel management is an ambitious endeavor.  A franchise can seem to be a safer and easier way to run a property, albeit at a hefty price. If you are part of a franchise, there may come the day when you no longer want to be a part of the network and instead would [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Improving the Value of Your Hotel Investment

Hotel Management: Improving the Value of Your Hotel Investment Walkable location, friendly customer service, and competitive pricing are all factors for why travelers choose somewhere to stay. Naturally, these are all components you need to consider if you own - or are looking to own - a hotel and want to keep those rooms full and maximize your earnings. Yet aside from these obvious factors, what [...]