SatMarch 25 2017

Selecting the Right Partners

So what do you need to buy a hotel? Money, right? For some eager buyers just entering the hotel industry, landing that initial start-up financing often seems like the toughest challenge.

But in hindsight, getting the funding you need may turn

FriMarch 24 2017

Securing Financing and Raising Capital

If you have reached the stage where you are researching hotel financing options, you already have a good chunk of time and effort invested into your new business venture.

For our purposes in this section, we will assume you have done

WedMarch 8 2017

Have An Exit Strategy

As an aspiring hotel owner-operator, you are in very good company. After all, you are chomping at the bit to enter an industry that generates an estimated $7.6 trillion dollars per year globally!

But even the most perfectly planned strategy cannot

WedMarch 8 2017

Know Your Loan Options

Every day, somewhere in the world, someone is either buying or selling a hotel. And every time a hotel business changes hands, these two activities happen together.

So many factors go into getting your start in the hotel industry. Choosing the

ThuJanuary 26 2017

Choosing the Right Business Model for your Hotel

Like any successful business or company, one of the key foundational aspects of running a hotel is having a good business model. There are a vast number of business models to choose from, but most eliminate certain hassles, while being

ThuJanuary 26 2017

How to Assess your Available Cash

Assessing the actual cash you have available – and the cash you will need – to purchase a hotel or other hospitality property can be a tricky enterprise. One of the most important aspects of understanding your available cash, however,

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