Create a Hotel Scouting Strategy

Purchasing a hotel can be a long and exhaustive process that begins with finding a location you wish to purchase in the first place. While you may do some work securing financing or attracting partners prior to finding the right location, the majority of that work will be done after you have decided on a specific property. Like all purchases or investments, the more homework and [...]

Choose the Right Hotel Location

When visitors choose which hotel to book, they usually consider the location over just about anything else. They want to be as close to the action as they can afford, meaning they usually want to spend as little time driving, traveling, or getting from the hotel to their destination as possible. This means that when buying a hotel, one of the first things you should consider [...]

Do Your Homework (Due Diligence) Before Buying a Hotel

Before purchasing any hotel or motel property, a prospective buyer should always establish its assets - both real and intangible - and liabilities to evaluate its commercial potential. Here are the basic steps that should be undertaken: Make a Physical Inspection Everything structural from the foundation through the walls to the roof should be inspected by a professional. Do not simply trust your own eyes. [...]

Introduction to Scouting for Hotel Ownership

The First Phase in the Life Cycle of Hotel Ownership So you’ve decided to become a hotel owner? Global hotel industry revenue is predicted to reach $550 Billion US dollars in 2016, with revenue for the United States hotel industry reaching upwards of $176 Billion. As the hospitality industry continues to heat up, hotel ownership is quickly becoming an exciting prospect. Industry breakthroughs and sophisticated [...]