• Revenue Management

3 Keys to Profitable Revenue Management

Running a hotel optimally and efficiently is something akin to being a savvy trader on Wall Street. Hotels have inventory that changes on a daily basis with rates that are heavily dependent on outside factors that sometimes can’t be seen or even predicted. But many times they can. Like the smartest traders on Wall Street, […]

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Why You Want To Investigate A Buyer’s Credentials Before Selling Your Hotel

When it comes to selling a hotel, many, if not most owners and investors see the buying process as being the riskiest. Obviously, the buying process is fraught with all kinds of tensions and perils with any number of variables that can go wrong and cause the deal to fall through. Once you have successfully […]

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  • marketing and selling your hotel

Introduction to Marketing and Selling your Hotel

Managing the operations of an entire hotel can be an incredibly complex task to undertake. There are countless aspects of maintaining a successful hotel, and there are even more details involved in putting that hotel on the market. By breaking up the necessary tasks into manageable sections, the process becomes easier and frankly less of […]

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Top 4 Reasons To Invest In Technology Before Selling Your Hotel

Whether you are selling a home, a car or a hotel, it’s a fairly common practice to make certain upgrades to whatever you are selling to make it more attractive to buyers. If you are trying to sell a home, you may invest in some landscaping to increase curb appeal or have the interior painted […]

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Creating a Strategy for Selling Your Hotel

While most owners enjoy the position of prestige and responsibility that owning a hotel entails, there usually comes a time when they must consider selling their property. Unfortunately, most owners do not take full advantage of the process. Instead of casting an objective eye on the property, they remember it in its heyday or otherwise […]

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