Effective Sales & Marketing for Your Hotel

Marketing a hotel effectively takes a different mindset and skillset than marketing other types of businesses. Essentially, the product you are marketing is also a service, and that service is to offer a "home away from home" for a variety of different client groups. Some of those clients will be seeking a low-key rest-stop between daily tourist activities. Other clients will need a working business center [...]

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Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management for the Hotel Industry While "cash flow" has become something of a euphemism in a world where most currency exchanges hands digitally, the reality is that managing the flow of your money is of utmost importance in any business. The problem with cash flow is that you often have to pay for things before you are ever paid for your services. If bills [...]

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Hotel Equipment

The process of purchasing a hotel and getting it up and running can be a long, drawn out process. From obtaining hotel financing to taking stock and doing inventory to purchasing supplies and marketing your hotel, there is a lot to do to get a hotel operating smoothly. Hotel brokers can help you find a great property, but in some cases, you might purchase a property [...]

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Hire the Right Hotel Team

Congratulations! So now you have secured financing, negotiated like a pro and bought yourself a hotel. This is a significant accomplishment and worth celebrating! But the initial legwork phase is not over yet. Now it is time to hire your hotel management team. You want to build a solid, trustworthy, experienced management team that can competently oversee the many operational functions so critical to your hotel's [...]

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3 Keys to Profitable Revenue Management

Running a hotel optimally and efficiently is something akin to being a savvy trader on Wall Street. Hotels have inventory that changes on a daily basis with rates that are heavily dependent on outside factors that sometimes can't be seen or even predicted. But many times they can. Like the smartest traders on Wall Street, savvy Revenue Managers are able to always see the bigger picture [...]

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Introduction To Hotel Operations

The operation of an entire hotel can seem like a daunting task unless the owner breaks it down into a series of manageable pieces. Assigning different folks to attend to each detail allows the owner to oversee each one with more efficiency and effectiveness. Here is a quick rundown on how to divide the responsibilities: Arrival First impressions do matter and nowhere is this fact more [...]

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5 Simple and Effective Ways to Increase and Sustain Profit

Maximize the Profitability of Your Hotel Anyone who has worked in, with, or around the Hospitality Industry can tell you that it’s a fast-paced and often chaotic bonanza. Most days you might as well put on a firesuit and drag around a hose putting out fires. Finding the time and energy to juggle day-to-day tasks is difficult enough, but thinking of new and creative ways to [...]

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