Choose the Right Hotel Location

When visitors choose which hotel to book, they usually consider the location over just about anything else. They want to be as close to the action as they can afford, meaning they usually want to spend as little time driving, traveling, or getting from the hotel to their destination as possible. This means that when buying a hotel, one of the first things you should consider is if it is in a desirable location.

But what makes a hotel location desirable? What should you be looking for when you consider which hotel to purchase?

We’re here to answer these questions and more to ensure you make the best hotel purchase possible.

Why Hotel Location is Important

Whether the bulk of your guests will be on vacation, business trips, or just stopping for a night on their way to their final destination, they will want to be as close to everything as they can be. Wherever they are looking to go, they want their traveling time to be as minimal as possible.

Each hotel will have a different kind of guest looking to reach a different destination. If they’re on vacation, this may mean staying near the beach, amusement park, or other city attraction. For business men and women, it may mean being near the airport. For guests looking to stop for a rest on a road trip, it could mean easy access to a highway.

The location of your hotel will encourage more guests to visit. When they can park their car and walk from location to location or can grab a quick shuttle or taxi, a weight will be lifted from their shoulders and they will have a better stay.

What to Look for in Hotel Locations

When you’re browsing the market for the right hotel, you will want to consider the various points that could make it a good location. Here are just a few of the things you should consider when determining if a hotel will be a good purchase.

Proximity to Attractions

If you are in a tourist destination, you will want to consider how close the popular attractions of the area are to your hotel. This can include the beach, a lake, historical landmarks, or other points of interest in your city. If there are various areas in your city that tourists may want to visit, are you close to at least one of them?

Consider what the walking or driving distance is from the closest point of interest. If the travel time is too long, then the hotel may not be worth purchasing.


Depending on the area that you are looking to purchase a hotel in, driving to a restaurant may be necessary and an accepted part of visiting. But for many places, having restaurants within walking distance is a huge bonus – even if it just a pizza place or other option for a late night snack.

Take a look at what options are in your area. Can your guests walk to dinner? Are you within the delivery range if they choose to have a night in? Will you offer food at the hotel? These can all determine if the hotel’s location is right.

Ease of Travel

Your guests will probably get to your hotel in a number of different ways, but whether they’re driving, flying, or training, they will all want to be able to find your hotel with ease and quickly. After a long day of traveling, the last thing guests will want to do is hop in a taxi for another hour of driving. They also will not want to struggle with side roads or confusing directions to find your hotel.

Account for how long it will take travelers to get to your hotel and consider this when making a purchase. While airport hotels can be beneficial to someone with a delay or needing to stay close for business, you probably won’t get many visitors looking to stay in the city. On the other hand, being too far from a travel point could be a reason a guest doesn’t book.

How to Know What is Right for You

It isn’t likely that your hotel location will be perfect for each and every visitor to your city. Everyone coming to your area will have different plans, needs, and ideals, and very few hotels will accommodate each one.

When choosing your hotel location, think about your ideal guest first. Because each guest will have different needs, consider what will be important to them. By putting your ideal guest’s opinions and needs to the front of your mind, you can better select a hotel that will keep them happy and encourage them to return for another visit.

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