Hire the Right Hotel Team

Congratulations! So now you have secured financing, negotiated like a pro and bought yourself a hotel. This is a significant accomplishment and worth celebrating! But the initial legwork phase is not over yet. Now it is time to hire your hotel management team.

You want to build a solid, trustworthy, experienced management team that can competently oversee the many operational functions so critical to your hotel’s success.

Identify Unfilled Roles.

Depending on the outcome of your sale agreement, you may be inheriting some staff along with your purchase. If this is the case, your first job is to identify which management-level roles are not being filled.

If you will be staffing from the ground up, then your first task is to identify each role, period.

Develop a Job Description For Each Role.

Your job description will include two vital pieces of information: the right attitude and the right skill set.

The attitude portion should be driven by your operational mission and vision. What is your hotel all about? What experience do you want your guests to have? What is your USP (unique selling prospect)? What do you hope to read in your future 5-star reviews?

The skill set portion should relate directly to what it takes to fulfill that particular role.

Create a Consistent Interview Process.

You are not just trying to fill each role with the right warm body. You are also aiming to build a management staff of people who will work well together as a team.

For this reason, your interviewing process must be consistent so you can compare and contrast answers to key questions.

You will need to adjust certain questions based on each department’s needs, but the overall theme should remain consistent throughout. The only way you will learn something new that you can’t read on a resume is to ask job candidates how they handle opportunities and problems.

You can use their resumes as a guide to pose questions targeted to the types of experiences they may have encountered in previous roles.

Involve Existing Management Staff in Hiring New Management Staff.

You will have the last word on new hires. But you will enjoy greater buy-in and cooperation when you involve existing management staff in selecting the professionals they will work with on a daily basis.

Recruiting your existing staff to interact with potential new hires can also give you lots of valuable information about which candidates may possess the right personality type to work well with your existing management team members. This is also a great way to build loyalty/ownership with the new owner and existing staff.

Consider Having a Candidate Roundtable Interview Before Making Your Final Selection.

Finally, if you are bringing in new staff for a substantial portion of your management positions, hosting a final group interview to see how your top picks for each position interact with one another in a competitive setting can be invaluable.

With this final data in hand, you can issue job offers with confidence.

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