5 Hospitality Trends to Expect in 2016

2015 was quite the year for the hotel industry with exponential acquisitions and dramatic increases in numbers. For example, there was a 63.5% increase in room reservations and the number of luxury chains increased by 30%. Along with such change, hospitality trends are about to take root. It is important for hotel owners, hotel management, potential hotel buyers, and even hotel guests to be aware of these hospitality trends. Here are 5 trends you can expect to take place in the upcoming year

Heavy Use of Technology

This isn’t a surprise. Every business is using an application to create easy accessibility for their customers, which leads to loyalty. The hotel industry is no different. With mobile applications, check-ins will predominantly be online. Hotels will also likely use their applications to post deals on dining and services

Growth in Share Economy

With Airbnb, a home rental business, growing at an astounding rate, the sharing economy is growing exponentially. We can expect to see them grow even larger in the upcoming year. This is a huge change in the hospitality industry.

Stronger Social Media Presence

It’s simple: successful businesses have social media accounts.. Hotels will be heavily utilizing social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage and interact with their customers. You might also see more advertisements on Twitter or Facebook. Hotels will start marketing on their own!

Creativity in Legacy Hotels

Nowadays, people are searching for novelty. The younger travelers are seemingly prioritizing it over loyalty. Some travelers prefer a new and different experience and would never be seen in an old, traditional hotel. This will drive the “legacy hotels” to really dig deep and offer something unique, whatever that may be. The generation that cares about the ultimate cultural experience need to be impressed.

Change in Food and Beverages

Hotels are looking into maximizing food and drink profit. Whether that be carrying healthy options or more “grab and go” options, something new will emerge. If not, hotels will be focus on creating a meaningful dining experience to attract new guests and increase profit from dining.

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