There are good hotel brokerage firms, and then there are great ones. What makes The Passport Group one of the greats is its dedicated and hard-working agents, who in just the past six months have delivered an impressive seven hotel sales involving some of the top brands in hospitality.

Leading the pack was veteran listing and sales agent Carol Gallegos, who closed six of the seven recent deals, including four hotels that are part of the international hospitality giant Marriott Group.

Gallegos has worked in the commercial real estate industry for more than 24 years, and is a certified land specialist with the Commercial Real Estate Institute. She holds a master’s degree in business management with an emphasis on hotel management and hospitality accounting, and she is licensed in five states.

Gallegos came to the hotel real estate industry after a successful career with Revlon and Neutrogena as vice president of quality control. “I decided to join the commercial real estate world. I found that very few people focused on hotels, and the complexity of these businesses makes it very interesting,” she says.

When asked about the traits that make her so good at her job, Gallegos responded: “It’s my ability to relate personally to clients, treating them with respect, helping them solve transactional problems, and the ability to interface with all elements of the transaction from legal to administrative, financial analysis and lending criteria.”

Gallegos’ network includes major national hotel executives and investors, leading her to represent transactions in all aspects of the industry. Her in-depth experience allows her to actively match buyers and sellers of similar properties, working closely with lenders, franchise representatives, escrow agents and buyers to ensure transactions run smoothly.

Gallegos’ long-term goals include continuing to be a top listing and selling agent in the hospitality arena for the next eight years before trading in her eventful work days for a hard-earned retirement. Somehow, you just can’t imagine this dynamo sitting still for long.

With her commitment to getting the best deal for her clients, Gallegos embodies The Passport Group’s desire to create long-lasting, positive relationships with its clients. Every one of those seven recent sales, which also included Wyndham, Choice Hotels and Best Western properties, fulfilled the clients’ objectives and best interests.

At The Passport Group, relationships are the foundation of every partnership. Gallegos and company create a detailed strategy based on each client’s individual investment goals and apply innovative solutions that go beyond the industry standard. This gives their partners the confidence of knowing they will always get the best deal available.